How to maintain your hair

Hair Care: What we’ve learned

Embarking on a hair business journey inevitably came with its challenges, but also its lessons. We gained a wealth of information that we’re happy to share with you to get the most out of your extensions, keep them lasting longer, and looking fresh for years. Good hair should last a minimum of one year, and we believe that with these tips, you will be able to achieve and possibly even exceed this!


First and foremost- The extensions themselves! Take your time to find quality extensions, because in the end, No amount of hair care tips and tricks will improve terrible hair! We recommend PHL, but we may be biased.

Quick tip from us: When shopping for new bundles, look out for excessive red and gold ‘hairs’ hiding in your extensions. These are actually synthetic fibres sneakily added by hair manufacturers to cut costs. Also look out for hair that has an overly ‘silky’ look and feel. This is often the result of a silicone coating that manufacturers use to improve the immediate look and feel of the hair. However, if you’ve ever been confused as to why your once silky and smooth bundles suddenly begin to feel rough and tangly, it’s because this silicone actually coating fades over time; after washing once or twice, or as a result of heat styling.


When looking for products to use on your extensions, it’s important to remember that human hair extensions are exactly that – human hair. Aim to use products that will retain the hairs lustre and avoid moisture stripping chemicals such as sulfates and alcohols. As mentioned earlier, the silicone ‘silky’ feel of your bundles may fade over time, however certain shampoos and conditioners contain silicone, so you can maintain this look and feel for longer. However, we don’t recommend excess use, as silicone is also proven to be quite drying! Oils or serums containing ingredients like argan oil or jojoba oil will do wonderful things for your tresses and keep them nourished (use small amounts.)

Heat Styling:

Try to avoid excessive heat styling to reduce hair damage as you would any human hair, however when styling, make sure to use a heat protecting spray or serum. We recommend heat-free methods such as braids for waves, or bendy rollers for bouncy curls (Ha – remember those?!)

Bleaching and Dying

Go to a professional! We cannot stress this one enough! For years, we wondered why just one round of bleaching would literally fry our extensions, but of course we continued; knowing no better – that was until we went to a one-to-one colouring class and learned about colour theory, product quality and technique. It is incredibly important to go to a qualified and experienced professional to have your hair bleached and coloured. Hair shop bleach and box dyes are like hair torture! If you insist on doing so yourself, buy quality bleaching products and a moisture replacing treatment, such as olaplex, however we still (and very strongly) recommend spending the extra money for a professional to do the job. Bleaching correctly is more technical than you may think.

We hope these tips have been helpful, and don’t hesitate to share any tips you may have down in the comments below!